PC Nikkor 28/3.5 D Nikon Pre-set Perspective Control Shift 28mm lens


PC stands for perspective control, used in architectural photography to correct the apparent convergence of parallels when photographed from an angle. The PC-Nikkor works by shifting the axis of the lens as much as 11°, much the same way that a view-camera tilts the back and lens-board. No aperture prong or AI; aperture is preset with one ring, and opened and stopped down to that aperture with another also known as manual diaphragm control, requiring stop down metering or the use of an external light meter.

This is a good lens for architectural shooting or other situations where you want to shift perspective.

This lens works on film and FX digital cameras and DX cameras as well.

Included: Front and rear caps.

Warranty: This is a consignment item. Warranty is 30 days.

Operating Condition: Excellent - no issues

Cosmetic Condition:  Mint minus. A few scuffs. otherwise no issues.