Busch Pressman Model D 4x5 press camera w/ Wollensak 135mm f4.7 Raptar lens Excellent Plus

$649.00 CAD

The camera body is in Used Excellent Plus condition,  There are a scuffs and scrapes on the body - still, in fantastic condition for a camera from the 1950-s or 60's.  The bellows is in excellent shape with no pinholes or other issues. The Busch Vue-Focus range finder appears to function correctly. The Wollensak Raptar 135 f 4.7 lens is in near mint condition, with no issues in the glass, and all speeds working correctly.

Focus with the rangefinder, ground glass or the sports finder.

 Included: camera, lens, 2 - 4x5 film holders

Warranty: 90 days

Operating Condition: Excellent No issues

Cosmetic Condition:  used- Excellent plus


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