Rare Canon III 35mm Rangefinder Camera (1951) Complete Kit!

$799.00 CAD

This camera and the Serinar 50mm lens had a full CLA done by Service Camera Pro in Quebec City in November of 2021. 

Canon's Leica imitation.

Comes with Serinar 50mm, f1.9 prime lens, Serinar 85mm f2.0 portrait lens with the proper view finder, and a Canon B-II Flash unit with case.
Also includes various colour filters (yellow, blue, UV), lens hood for the prime lens, and a ~12 inch canon tripod. All leather cases are included and an old camera bag as well.
The lenses are in near mint condition. There are no issues with the glass and there is no hazing fungus or any other issue. There may be dust on the lenses. The 50mm prime lens is a retractable (or telescoping) lens that you pull out when you are going to shoot. Both of The lenses use an M-39 Leica screw mount.
The Canon III’s Serinar lenses were the first lenses made by Canon. Previous to this time their lenses were manufactured by Nikon. The Serinar lenses are superior lenses with quality comparable to to Leitz lenses.

The rangefinder appears to be accurate,  The spring loaded take up spool is present with this camera.
The camera is in excellent shape – A+. It has some use marks on it but really is in good shape for its age. The focal plane shutter has speeds from 1 second to 1000 of a second with a T setting as well. The shutter appears to fire properly at all speeds. The shutter speed is set by two dials – the faster speeds on the top of the camera and the slower speeds with a dial on the front of the camera.
The Canon III launched in February 1951 and was manufactured until 1952. A little over 10,000 were made.


IncludedCamera Body
Serinar 50mm f1.9 lens
Camera Case
Serinar 85mm f2.0 portrait lens – with the finder and leather case
Complete Canon Flash unit with case
Six filters with plastic cases and a leather carrying case
Lens hood for the 50mm lens
Cable release specific to the Canon III
Canon Tripod with case aprox 12 inches high

Warranty: 90 days

Operating Condition:  Excellent no issues

Cosmetic Condition:  Mint



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