Camera of the Week: the Mamiya C330 Twin Lens reflex film camera November 08 2022, 0 Comments

The C330 is the last in line of the C series Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) cameras from Mamiya. 
Released in 1969, it is an improved version of the C33. 
The camera was produced from 1969 to 1994 in three editions.

The original C330 professional, The C330 professional f, and the C330 s.  There are small variations and improvements between the editions. All have interchangeable lenses, and feature a standard waist level finder.  There is also a non metered and meters version of an eye level prism finder and a chimney finder as well. There are for the 330 and 330f interchangeable focusing screens as well. The focusing screens for the 330s are incompatible with the previous C330 and C330f. 

The 330 and 330f can use a sheet film back. This feature is missing from the C330s.

Lenses available for the C330 include the following:

2 wide-angle lenses
55 mm f/4.5 
65 mm f/3.5
4 normal lenses
80 mm f/3.7,
two versions of 80 mm f/2.8 
105 mm f/3.5
3 telephoto lenses
135 mm f/4.5,
180 mm f/4.5,
250 mm f/6.3

Currently we have 3 Mamiya C330 film cameras available, two C330 professionals, and a C330f. Visit the medium format film camera page to view them, and use the code C330ISTHEBEST to get a 10% discount until 14-11-2022.

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