So where is this place anyways? (or) We're not on Bank Street anymore. November 11 2022

"All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;"

J.R.R Tolkien

“Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.”

Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

Yes we are not on Bank Street in Ottawa Ontario anymore. The Camera Trading Company's new home at unit 203-2896 Rideau Ferry Road, Perth Ontario Canada can be hard to find. We are in a bit of an obscure location on the outskirts of Perth Ontario. 
The Industrial park we are in is behind the houses facing the road.
So here is how to find us. First a map:
Rideau Ferry Road is also known as Route 1, and is an extension of Gore Street in Perth. Of course there are no signs identifying it as Rideau Ferry Road, so look for the Number 1 sign.  If you are going south on Gore street and see the Shell gas station on your right you should continue on straight through the lights at South Street.
You will pass Pine Drive and Oak Drive, both on the left, and the Albany International Factory on the right.
Once you pass Oak Drive, look on the left for the sign for the South End BizPlex. It is a bit hidden behind a tree, but it is the first driveway past Oak Drive.
There is a school bus depot there, so there will be school busses. 
It is easy to miss this driveway, so if you do, look on the left for Dodds & Erwin's landscape yard. You can get in through that driveway as well, We are in the low building with the red roof in unit 203, the end unit next to Dodds and Erwin.
Here is the street view:
Those red arrows are the road entrances,  from Rideau Ferry Road/Route1.
We are where that red star is.
Here is a picture of the sign as you come from Perth:
And if you go in through Dodds & Erwin it looks like this:
And here we are at our darkroom sale. You can see what the building looks like!
If you get lost on the way, just give us a call. We try to answer all calls during business hours. 613-231-4770