Mamiya-Sekor 250mm f/4.5 telephoto Lens for RB67 ProS ProSD film cameras


Capture clear, detailed shots with the Mamiya-Sekor 250mm f/4.5 telephoto lens for RB67 ProS ProSD film cameras. Its powerful telephoto feature allows you to capture distant subjects with precision. Perfect for film photographers who want to add depth and perspective to their portfolio. 


Included: front and back cap, UV filter, rubber hood 

Warranty: 90 days

Operating Condition: Excellent - no issues. Speeds and apertures tested and appear accurate.

Cosmetic Condition: Excellent. There is a flattened area on the filter ring. However a filter is still able to be screwed in, as is the hood.  The blades look like they are out of alignment when the lens is off of the camera, but they appear normal when attached to the camera and function as expected.

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