Nikomat EL 35mm Film Camera with Nikon Nikkor 50mm f1.4 AI lens (Nikkormat EL)


Nikomat was the brand name for Nikkormat in the Japanese market. The Nikomat EL and the Nikkormat EL are identical cameras except for the name on the front.

This was one of Nikons First cameras to  operate with electronic circuits, a Copal Square shutter, and it included aperture priority semi-automatic exposure.

It uses the easily found LR44 6 volt battery, (also used by the Canon A series of Cameras). The battery is mounted in the mirror box, and to change it you lock up the mirror, slide the door on the bottom of the mirror box to the left remove the old battery and slide in the new one. It take some care but is not horribly difficult.

All functions on this camera are working well. Built by Nikon, this is a high quality camera made for the amateur market. A handsome camera built tough.

Included: battery, lens cap.

Warranty: 90 days

Operating Condition:  Excellent - no issues.

Cosmetic Condition:  used- Excellent, paint chips, scuffs and a few scratches near the flash sync port

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