We Sell Used Cameras - Film Cameras - Lenses - Accessories - Digital

CAMERA TRADING COMPANY SELLS USED CAMERAS. We are a used photographic equipment specialist located in Ottawa, Canada, and we are one of the few retail stores anywhere that carries a full line of all kinds of second-hand camera equipment.


WE BUY AND SELL USED CAMERAS, used lenses and accessories, film, video, and digital. We have used film cameras in all formats, 35mm, 2¼, 4x5, studio and darkroom equipment, movie and projection equipment. Our inventory includes current, vintage, collectible and antique cameras, for the professional, collector, and amateur.

WE SELL USED NIKON, CANON, PENTAX, MINOLTA, LEICA, CONTAX, and many other 35mm  cameras; USED HASSELBLAD, ROLLEIFLEX, MAMIYA, BRONICA, YASHICA and other 120 film medium format cameras. We have a large inventory of used lenses and accessories of all kinds, including many widgets that are hard to find elsewhere, as well as used camera parts and cameras for parts or repair.


SINCE 1981 we have been a valuable resource to photographers in Canada, and more recently to a large and satisfied worldwide clientèle via our eBay presence, and now we hope to serve you even better with this website. Some of our used camera inventory is online here for you to browse, but please contact us if you do not find what you are looking for.  We will continue to add as much inventory as we can to our website listings, but, of the many thousands of unique used photo items in our store, there will always be many that are not listed online. We hope you enjoy browsing, and come back to visit us often, our selection is always changing.


CAMERA TRADING COMPANY is an eBay Power Seller. We sell a few selected items from our large inventory on eBay, where we have a 100% positive feedback rating from many clients all over the world. Our eBay seller ID is cameratradingcompany. Click here to see our current eBay offerings. Any item that you see selling on eBay can usually be purchased directly from us. You don't have to bid on it. Conversely, we can list on eBay any item that you see on our website, if you prefer to buy it that way.


CAMERA TRADING COMPANY is operated by Thomas Steiner and Mark Trachtenberg, with the indispensable assistance of Robert Ware. Between us, we have well over a hundred years of combined experience in photography and in serving the photographic community, and we share a commitment to excellence of service that is rare today. Our dedication to your satisfaction is unsurpassed. Please contact us any time with questions, compliments, or suggestions.