Historic Tower 26 / Original Pentax AP – Used – Excellent

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This is the first and original Pentax, known as the Pentax AP and introduced by the Asahi Optical Company in 1957 and named “Pentax,” a name they got from the German manufacturer Contax (who derived it from pentaprism Contax). (In North America, this camera, like those made by Canon and other makers, was also sold under the names of Honeywell and Tower.) At the time it was a revolutionary camera—with its pentagonal prism, instant-return mirror, 42mm thread-mount lenses (first used by Contax in their early SLRs), and right-hand-side lever film advance—features that were adopted by many later SLR makers. This camera comes with the original pre-set Takumar 1:2.4  f=58mm lens (a pre-set lens is first set to the appropriate aperture, opened wide for focusing, and then returned with a separate ring to its pre-set aperture for taking the photo). It has no built-in light meter. This is an historic camera. Tested and fully working.


Included:  Original metal-snake neck strap, plain aluminum lens cap, and Asahi Pentax 46mm skylight filter.

Warranty: This is a consignment item, Warranty is 30 days.

Operating Condition:  Used – Excellent Plus. 

Cosmetic Condition: Used – Excellent  The first curtain is wrinkled from being wound on its spool, there are small scuffs on the bottom plates, and a small dent over the prism.

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