Katy's Fundraiser Collection

We are looking to train a psychiatric service dog to help my daughter Katy. She suffers from severe anxiety, PTSD, and depression. It's difficult for her to leave the house alone and ground herself when dissociating or having a panic attack. Accredited service dog training facilities in her area cater to Veteran and first responders only for their services, and other facilities cost up to $60,000 without a guarantee of getting a trained service dog. We have found a private trainer to help train a service dog, however the price is still out of her range.

The dog will be trained to perform tasks related to anxiety and PTSD. Some of the tasks the dog will be trained to do include:

  • Pawing at her during dissociative episodes to pull her attention onto the dog and trigger grounding techniques.
  • Laying on her during anxiety attacks to give deep pressure therapy
  • Creating a comfortable space around her in crowded environments
  • Creating independence for Katy by allowing her to leave the house without needing another person with her.

View her fundraiser at https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-katy-raise-and-train-her-service-dog, or buy a camera or other product. All funds from sales on this page will go towards training and vet bills.
Thanks for your support.